I'm in my late 40's and have been using the 'Small Guiding Toothbrush' for about 6 months.

To date I haven't found anything about this toothbrush that I don't like,so please allow me to tell you what I do like and how I have found it to improve my teeth and gums.

Since using a 'Guiding Toothbrush' my gums have stopped bleeding.

I also have found that my teeth are not as sensitive and I do not have touse toothpaste for sensitive teeth, which I think is just wonderful.

I like the feel of the handle as it gives me control over my brushing not like some brushes that tend to bend and doesn't allow you to know how much pressure you are or not placing on your teeth and gums, it gives me the control.

I like the size of the head as it gets right up to the back teeth and on the inside of your teeth not just on the outside of them.

For anyone looking for a GOOD Toothbrush, I have NO hesitation in recommending to you 'GUIDING TOOTHBRUSH'

- Margaret (Sydney NSW)

I have tried many different brands of toothbrush but always come back to my small Guiding, trouble is you can`t get them everywhere, I purchase mine at Foodland .

The small brush gives easy access to back teeth and more control to the rest of my mouth, which leaves a fresher feeling .

I keep two in the bathroom, one each for morning and night.

- Shirl Crawford

I was a believer that all toothbrushes were the same - how wrong I was.

Having suffered from bleeding gums and very sensitive teeth for years, I just accepted this was my fate that cleaning my teeth would always be painful.

Now with the help of my Guiding toothbrush I no longer have bleeding gums. My teeth sensitivity has improved.

Who would have thought that my new straight handled toothbrush that looks like it was designed in the 70's would produce such wonderful results.

- Cath Horner

I have been so pleased with my Guiding toothbrush I wanted to let you know.

Up until I started using it I didn't really believe there was a difference in bristles etc. but I quickly changed my mind!

I have long suffered from bleeding gums and decided to just accept it. Again, once I started using this toothbrush I realised it wasn't my gums but my toothbrush.

Further proof came about when I went away and forgot my Guiding toothbrush and had to buy an alternative. Within 2 or 3 days of using a toothbrush with angled bristles my gums started to bleed again.

When I started using my Guiding toothbrush again my gums stopped bleeding within 2 or 3 days.

I certainly realised the difference and I'm pleased with this product.

- Bree Applegate